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Bayinah. 21. BMS major. Graphic Designer. Polish/Palestinian.
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1. October 2014

Can you just stop being around? Every time I see you I want to break your stupid nose. You ruin basically everything I have going for me then have the audacity to start hanging out in the same place I’ve been since before my freaking freshman semester. Its like you’re provoking me with your existence. One day I’m probably gonna snap. I’m gonna look up, see you’re sharmootah face and give in to the urge to smash it against something. So please, for your own safety, stop coming around.

side note that’ll probably be the only reason I’d ever go to jail… thank god I have friends in law school



"text me when you get home" means "i love you, be safe." 

It really does

(via prisoner-of-more)

….was i drunk or something jack-at-the-disco

jack-at-the-disco hell yeah! Noone bites my stomach and lives to tell the tale

30. September 2014

So i was minding my own business taking a shower and after i finished i noticed a stinging pain on my stomach. I looked down to find a stupid ant trying to eat my flesh! First of all.. where the hell did you come from?! And how did you get on me?! But Srsly… my stomach?! You might as well have bit my eye ball… now im gonna look like a creep randomly scratching my belly till it disappears… stupid bastard ant -.- im glad i killed you

my0000000000 I don’t have any ;.; which is just another reason my life sucks

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